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About Us

who are we ?

We have 20 years of experience in the technology, software and e-commerce industry. To our experiences in Turkey, especially in America and the world are very excited to transfer the Pleiades. We are a company that has been active in foreign trade for many years.

Our basic vision when doing e-commerce business is, SPECIAL PRODUCTS FOR PRIVATE PEOPLE işi.

Our biggest goal is to make a difference, to bring the service up to your feet. Quality is to offer appropriate, affordable prices.


By signing a first in Bulgaria, we have collected new season products and very advantageous prices in one site.

Unconditional customer happiness

Our priority is the happiness of our members and our guests. We serve our members with WebforMall assurance We work hard to ensure a safe, happy and enjoyable shopping experience.

Timely delivery

We are sending to the world with PTT Cargo. We deliver our products within 3 days. Normal and fast shipping options are available.

Single basket, single shipping charge

Whether it is a new season product or a campaign product, we offer the advantage of collecting all products in the same shopping cart and paying a single shipping fee instead of the head.

We share

Products that you cannot find anywhere, we share with you valuable America and World Countries. Everything for 100% customer satisfaction.


You can contact for wholesale.

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